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Catalyst & LeadingReach Specialist Growth Update

The following list of specialists are those who have recently onboarded and connected with us. This will avoid hundreds of faxes every month, supporting greater visibility to and communication on your patient referrals! Read More

Quality Measures & Education: Colorectal Cancer Screenings

We are working with Exact Sciences and Catalyst member practices to streamline workflow opportunities for colorectal cancer screenings across the network. Read More

UNTHSC Pediatric Patient Safety Resource

Monday, September 27, we are launching a Medical Office Patient Safety Survey to all Catalyst-affiliated pediatric practices. For the most meaningful data outcomes, we are asking all clinicians and office staff to complete the survey. Read More

Spotlight On: 2021 Network Health Assessment Results

Earlier this year, we asked all our members to complete a brief survey to help us understand your experience as part of Catalyst Health Network. We’re grateful that more than 60% of our Network members completed the Network Health Assessment, and we’re pleased to share highlights of some of the results, as well as what we believe these results mean for our collaborative future. Read More

Virtual Lounge Webinars

Beginning October 2021, CHN Medical Directors Dr. Joseph Lambert and Dr. Michelle Forbes will be hosting biweekly virtual office hours. Read More

Horizon Hub Digital Resources

Our Horizon Hub platform offers member practices a FREE digital health assessment to give you a third-party look into how your social channels, websites and other online properties are performing relative to peers, as well as what steps you can consider to drive better performance. Read More

Catalyst Joins Better Therapeutics Study of Digital Diabetes Treatment

Catalyst is partnering with Better Therapeutics to study the effectiveness of digital cognitive behavioral therapy approaches to treat type 2 diabetes. Read More

Behavioral and Home Health Care Services Expansion

Catalyst has started working with Elara Caring and Medical City-Green Oaks to expand our behavioral health services. Read More

New Direct Contract with Whole Foods

Catalyst Health Network has signed a contract to support Whole Foods members effective January 1, 2022. Read More

Subscribe to ‘Primary First:’ The Catalyst Health Network Microcast

Primary First offers the latest insights and ideas for boosting primary care practices’ operational effectiveness and performance. Make sure you subscribe! Read More