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Different by Design

The best way to create meaningful change in how people experience healthcare is to do it ourselves. And we do that by taking a fundamentally different approach to primary care, ensuring that it can make the maximum impact possible on the greatest number of people possible.

Purpose Driven

If not us, who? If not now, when?

We exist to help communities thrive. We connect our personal “why” to our collective “why” and this fuels our passion to create enduring change for the betterment of all. Because when we say primary care for all, we really do mean everyone.

Relationships Matter

Together, we thrive

We’re built for relationships. We focus on creating meaningful interactions every single day, whether it’s between physician and patient, care team member and pharmacist, or even within Catalyst’s corporate team. The power of our team changes the world.

Serve Others First

Touching hearts, lifting lives

We lead with service always. Serving others first is how we build trust in relationships. We make sure people feel seen and valued through our words and actions.

Inspire Creativity

Redefining what’s possible

We try new things, fail fast and learn quickly. We remain connected to our purpose, honoring relationships and leading with service to unleash the best of our creativity.