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Earlier this year, we asked all our members to complete a brief survey to help us understand your experience as part of Catalyst Health Network. We wanted candid feedback on where you’ve seen value from Catalyst, the concerns you feel about the future of primary care, what could we all do better together to advance our industry and the health of patients in our communities.

We’re grateful that more than 60% of our Network members completed the Network Health Assessment, and we’re pleased to share highlights of some of the results, as well as what we believe these results mean for our collaborative future.


Member Satisfaction

Our members are at the heart of everything we do, and that shows through our Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS is the world’s leading metric for measuring customer loyalty, and a positive NPS has been proven to have a direct correlation to increased business and customer growth. The NPS scale ranges from -100 to 100; anything 0-30 is considered “Good”; 30-70 is “Great”; 70+ is “Excellent.”

Among our independent provider respondents, Catalyst’s NPS came in at 58, solidly in the “Great” range.

Thank you for working with us to create a unified, purpose-driven organization that’s truly helping communities thrive.

CHN_Net Promoter Score (1).png


Technology and COVID

 While COVID was a disruptor for many aspects of healthcare, it was an accelerator for the adoption of telehealth. 99% of survey respondents reported utilizing telehealth in their practices, and more than 15% of patient visits were reported to be completed via telehealth.

We are excited about the expansion of our digital offering, including the addition of MediBookr to the Catalyst family. The goal for all of us is to continue building on this, using technology to enhance personalized care, while leveraging data and analytics to support continuous quality improvement. This remains one of the most crucial areas of focus for Catalyst in the coming weeks and months.


Areas of Opportunity and Focus

Our Network members are essential to shifting the landscape around primary care. Despite most respondents reporting that they are satisfied being an independent practice, more than 27% reported concerns about the viability and ongoing operations of their practice.

Among your most significant concerns:

  • Volume of patient visits (average score of 3.88 on a 5-point scale)

  • Health insurance benefits for you and your staff (3.79)

  • Billing and collections (3.74)

Conversely, the majority of practices felt that they could increase their success and growth primarily through:

  • Better work-life balance (average score of 4.47 on a 5-point scale)

  • Income security (4.26)

  • More time for patient care (4.24)

Other priorities included technology access, credentialing and patient access/wider networks.

What we see here is a Network that’s keenly aware of the strains of practicing medicine in this fee-for-service environment and that desires a future where more quality time for their patients and for themselves can be a realistic goal.


Additional Insights

What else did we hear from you? What other insights will guide the direction of our work together?

  • On the whole, you feel informed by Catalyst about new contract opportunities. Nearly 90% of respondents expressed average to excellent for new contract awareness.

  • The areas where you’d like to see more support from Catalyst include: behavioral health (4.19 on a 5-point scale), real-time performance incentives (4.05) and portal access to fee schedules (4.02). These areas significantly outpace areas like physician recruiting and home ER visits.

  • You’re most likely to refer diabetes patients to Catalyst for help managing their condition (73% of respondents said they’d refer these patients to the Catalyst care team). Many of you also see value in care team support for patients with conditions that include behavioral health (47%) and congestive heart failure (42%).

  • To help you deliver team-based care to more patients, you told us that you need more education about how we support your patients through their care journey (61%) and more detailed lists of patients who would most benefit from those services (64%).

Know that all of these perspectives shape Catalyst’s strategic focus—from the continued buildout of our proven care management and pharmacy solutions, to the new technologies that save you time while still improving the patient experience.

Thank you for your candor and responsiveness to the 2021 Network Health Assessment. We remain as committed as ever to making personalized healthcare more accessible and healthier lives more attainable. And we look forward to sharing more about how your feedback and engagement are helping us drive our mutual success.

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