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Introducing “Primary First”

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of ‘Primary First,’ a “microcast” from Catalyst Health Network hosted by Chief Medical Officer Dr. Jeff Bullard.


Why Should I Listen?

Served up biweekly—with perspectives shared directly from providers, administrators and others on the frontline of primary care—this microcast offers an audio snapshot of what practices need to know to amplify the impact of quality care that helps communities thrive.

  • Under 10 minutes each to fit your busy schedule. Listen while on your way to the office or even while walking the dog.
  • Available on all major podcast platforms (Apple, Spotify, and Google).

The first two episodes, featuring a conversation with CEO Dr. Christopher Crow are available to listen to today. Subsequent episodes will be released every other Monday starting July 26.


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Episode 1: How The Pandemic Changed Primary Care
  • Catalyst CEO Dr. Christopher Crow sits down with Dr. Jeff Bullard to discuss how his experience building Village Health Partners put a spotlight on the need for advanced primary care and a different way to think about value in healthcare
  • They also address how Covid has changed physicians’ and patients’ expectations for what the primary care experience can be


Episode 2: Preparing For The Next Shift In Care Delivery
  • Dr. Crow and Dr. Bullard continue to explore what’s next in primary care—including the inevitability of changing payment models and the impact on patient outcomes
  • They highlight what independent practices can do to prepare for the next big shift in care delivery, as well as what could happen if practices don’t move quickly enough
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