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Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 12.57.30 PM.pngA few months ago, we began rolling out Horizon Hub to a limited number of Catalyst member practices with the goal of connecting you with the resources and marketing best practices you need to educate patients about the value of Advanced Primary Care and expand your brand to drive practice growth.
One of these resources is a FREE digital health assessment to give you a third-party look into how your social channels, websites and other online properties are performing relative to peers, as well as what steps you can consider to drive better performance — many of which can also be handled through Horizon Hub, such as:
  • Paid Digital Ads

  • Social Media Content

  • Facebook Pages

  • Websites

In our increasingly digital world, we highly recommend that all Catalyst member practices take advantage of this assessment to ensure they are reaching as many potential patients as possible.

You are known here flyer .jpeg

Horizon Hub also has a number of co-brandable, downloadable patient education resources, including:

  • Bi-folds

  • One-page flyer

  • Name badge

  • Rx and general memo pad

  • Hyper-local ads

  • Wall infographic

  • Standup banner

These resources help communicate to your patients the value of Advanced Primary Care and Catalyst’s role as an extension of your practice, as well as the difference-maker it can be in their lives.

As we begin rolling out Horizon Hub across all of Catalyst Health Network in the coming weeks, stay tuned for updates from the marketing team with your login information!

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