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Catalyst & LeadingReach Specialist Growth Update

The following list of specialists are those who have recently onboarded and connected with us. This will avoid hundreds of faxes every month, supporting greater visibility to and communication on your patient referrals! Read More

Spotlight On: 2021 Network Health Assessment Results

Earlier this year, we asked all our members to complete a brief survey to help us understand your experience as part of Catalyst Health Network. We’re grateful that more than 60% of our Network members completed the Network Health Assessment, and we’re pleased to share highlights of some of the results, as well as what we believe these results mean for our collaborative future. Read More

E-Script Referral Process

As part of our network goal to Embrace Technology, we’re reminding you of our new E-script referral process. In piloting this new workflow, patient engagement with our support programs is estimated to have increased from 20 to 70 percent when compared to historical workflows. Read More

Strength in numbers: How physicians can work together and thrive

Many independent practice owners today are in a difficult bind. By training and temperament, they are fiercely devoted to maintaining their autonomy. But survival in today’s environment requires the financial resources and access to patient data that doctors usually can get only by being part of a hospital system or… Read More

Finalists Announced: D CEO‘s 2020 Excellence in Healthcare Awards

A worldwide pandemic has illuminated the quality of the region’s healthcare organizations, as they worked to care for North Texas patients amid unprecedented revenue shocks and economic hardship. To recognize those individuals and organizations keeping North Texas healthy, D CEO has named finalists for its Excellence in Healthcare Awards. Read More

Diagnosis for family doctors: Less money, greater hardship, and patients on video

The coronavirus poses an “extinction-level event” for some independent doctors as family physicians are closing their doors, barely hanging on or joining big medical groups to survive. Read Article

Healthcare Investment Priorities

Efficient and accessible technology has cemented the partnership between IT and healthcare. Not only does healthcare technology save money for medical centers, it also saves time. Read Article

Investing more in primary care could lower health spending — if patients would go along

In the U.S., hospitals consume over six times more health dollars than primary care.

Catalyst and UnitedHealthcare ACO Has Saved $40 million in Three Years

Coordinated care, data sharing, and reducing out-of-network costs are all part of the collaboration.

Catalyst and UnitedHealthcare’s ACO Saved $28 Million Over the Last Two Years

Catalyst Health Network and UnitedHealthcare’s accountable care organization knocked $28 million off of North Texas healthcare costs over the last two years for UnitedHealthcare’s 78,000 plan participants.