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Beyond the First Wave of Digital Pharmacy Innovation

The good and the bad news about the digital future of pharmacy: Despite hundreds of millions of dollars invested in digital pharmacies in recent years, we’ve just started to scratch the surface for the impact that pharmacies and pharmacists can make on the health of our communities. The first wave of digital… Read More

Pharmacy Focus Episode 56: How to Enhance the Patient Experience Through Integrated Care Models

Willoughby hopes on a global standpoint that every chronic condition patient has access to a support team that is there to provide care.

Transforming the Pharmacy Experience Will Transform Health Outcomes

It’s just human nature in many ways: We often know what we need to do, but we struggle to take all the steps at exactly the right time to get to the outcome we desire. Such is the case with medication adherence. We’re prescribed medication. Oftentimes, we know the medication… Read More

Automatic refill and 90-day fill programs don’t improve medication adherence

Health care has fooled us into believing a number of myths that—taken at face value—sound logical and true. Here’s one of the most pervasive and dangerous myths: Pharmacy’s value comes from convenience and access. And here’s another one: 90-day fills, and automatic refills on prescriptions improve medication adherence and patient… Read More