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Why Healthcare Spending’s Tipping Point Is In Sight

It’s hard to see reports of the astronomical costs of American healthcare and not become immediately desensitized to the enormity of it all. In 2021, fueled somewhat by the pandemic, American healthcare costs topped $4.3 trillion (membership required). By 2028, that number could surpass $6 trillion.

Returning the joy of medicine to our primary care physicians

Nearly 50 years have passed since the first published mention of physician burnout. Clinical psychologist Herbert Freudenberger described the “excessive demands on energy, strength or resources” and wrote of how it resulted in “fatigue, frustration, cynicism.” And though initiatives, programs, and solutions to address burnout have grown, the concerns first… Read More

Escaping Stockholm Syndrome in Primary Healthcare w/ Dr. Christopher Crow

Why We Need To Invest In The Right Type Of Healthcare Innovation

Last year saw $41 billion invested in digital health companies. That’s billions and billions of dollars put toward innovating and improving a healthcare system that virtually all stakeholders believe is in desperate need of reimagination, reconstruction and revolution.

Christopher Crow On 5 Things We Must Do To Improve the US Healthcare System

Pharmacists acting as an extension of physicians’ care teams is a key component of the tech-enabled, integrated care team I described above. Medication errors, poor adherence, incomplete treatment plans, and lack of communication around prescriptions have significant implications on the health of patients and contribute to rising costs. By integrating… Read More

VBC Insights: Dr. Christopher Crow, CEO and Co-Founder of Catalyst Health Group

Advancing into a High-Performing Value-Based Network

Over the past few years, the shift to value-based care has slowed down as organizations struggle with leadership alignment around care delivery advancements. However, lessons can be learned from organizations that have successfully advanced value-based care – including how to position the organization for value-based success, how to build performance… Read More

It’s time for primary care to take advantage of advanced technology

With the U.S. underinvesting in ambulatory care, patients avoiding preventive visits and PCPs still overburdened, new IT and staffing strategies are needed. But one expert says fee-for-service payments are standing in the way.

How prospective payment models can transform primary care

Moving away from fee-for-service would spur innovation, team-based care.

How can practices stay on the winning side of payment transformation?

Talk to a roomful of primary care physicians (PCP) about the need to reduce burnout and burden in their profession, and you’ll see near-universal agreement. Float the idea that this sort of transformation requires a fundamental shift in how they think about payment, and the tone of the room grows… Read More