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Creating generational impact

Together, we can unleash the full power of relationships in healthcare

Study after study shows how people’s lives improve when quality primary care is a part of it. The problems—at least until now—have centered around access, reach, capacity and scope of impact. Working in partnership, we can solve these challenges on a national scale.

How are we working with partners today?

Reshaping the role of primary care

From fighting for more investment in primary care to ensuring that physicians have the support they need to make informed decisions in each patient’s care, Catalyst collaborates with our partners to elevate the role and the results of primary care in the lives of the people we serve.

Reimagining care management as an extension of the physician-patient relationship

It’s not just about shepherding people through their conditions. It’s about knowing patients and supporting them with the resources they need at every stage of care—from diagnosis to medication management to sustainable wellness.

Reaffirming the significance of personal connections in care

By using technologies to empower team-based care, we make sure patients feel known in every moment that matters. This mix of data-driven interactions and personal touch enables us to shape positive behaviors among patients and deliver outsized results again and again.

How do we work together?

Principles of partnership and engagement

The work we do together is built upon and propelled by the way we work together. In every partnership, Catalyst aims to:

Lead with purpose and incorporate it in everything we do
Think creatively and without bounds for what we can accomplish
Execute as one team, with a performance mindset and shared successes

Experience a Different Kind of Care.

Connect with Catalyst
As our network grows, our ability to make impactful change does too. Your partnership is a vital part of our vision for the future of primary care. Join us in making it real.
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