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Something has to change

Our current system isn’t benefiting anyone

The health of your business hinges on the health of your employees. Today’s status quo drains businesses of their resources and struggles to meet employees’ needs.

Employers feel powerless to control costs

Premiums are growing at a rate that’s difficult for employers and employees to keep up with. Annual premiums for a family, through employer-sponsored insurance, have risen 54% since 2009.

Cost increases affect health decisions

Rising costs pose a barrier for people who need necessary care. In the past year, half of adults in the U.S. alone put off medical decisions because of the price, putting them at risk down the line for more expensive care.

Disconnected innovation has fractured the experience

For all the investment in solving health problems, the introduction of disjointed solutions has only created more line items for employers’ budgets and more confusion for employees.

Business growth suffers

When employees can’t buy into healthcare, it limits a business’ workforce and ultimately the company’s growth.

Partnering with Catalyst helps employers:

  • Offer healthcare that’s designed around primary care for all, with local, empowered PCPs that stay central to each patient’s care
  • Increase productivity with healthier employees, who are known and supported by Catalyst’s expert, integrated team in every health moment that matters
  • Eliminate disparate vendors and reduce HR burden and noise by connecting the health experience
  • Deploy their healthcare costs toward the thing they truly value most–improving and sustaining employee health

Employees who have access to a primary care physician:

  • Live longer, healthier lives
  • Avoid disability
  • Experience fewer sick days and long-term
absences from work
  • Pay lower healthcare costs
The benefits are endless

How does Catalyst deliver?

Access and choice for employees and their families

1,000+ providers at over 300+ locations throughout Texas, all equipped with virtual visit and tele-health options.

Personalized health and wellness support when patients need it most

Preventive, chronic and wellness care from a team of specialized staff members. From care coordination and referral support, to pharmacy care, behavioral health and chronic condition management. Every team member is trained to deliver conversational, empathetic interactions focused on listening first, then advising.

Technology that connects the care experience

24/7 care support available through a digital app or phone—enabling comprehensive and convenient care at any time and anywhere.

Choosing Catalyst pays off

Healthier employees create a healthier bottom line for employers who partner with Catalyst. We’ve created sustainable and scalable outcomes for a number of diverse patient populations, reducing total cost of care by delivering tailored services to each individual patient.

Patient cohorts have seen results like:


reduction in ER visits


decrease in readmission rates


decrease in A1c in uncontrolled cohort


medication adherence average


PMPM decrease in total cost of care

Start a conversation today to explore how our work together could create lasting impact for your organization.

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