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Slice of Healthcare Podcast – Tony Willoughby, CEO Stellus Rx

Team-based model of care

Jeff Bullard, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Product Strategy Officer for Catalyst Health Group, primary care providers, discusses the importance of integrating  pharmacists into care coordination  teams and how a team-based approach  can help improve medication adherence and overall patient health.

Episode 14: Crossing the Chasm from Fee-for-Service to Prospective Payment

Years of operating in a fee-for-service environment have made it difficult for many physicians to envision working under a prospective payment model. In this episode of Primary First, we continue our conversation with Dr. Stephen Buksh and discuss some of the things that have allowed him and his practice to… Read More

Episode 13: Real-world Perspectives on the Practicality of Prospective Payment Models

As we continue to move away from fee-for-service and toward prospective payment, it’s helpful to talk with doctors who have dealt with both payment models. Dr. Stephen Buksh sits on our board of directors here at Catalyst Health Network, but is also a practicing physician who deals with… Read More

Episode 12: The Impact of Technology on Expanding Physician Capacity

The move to prospective payment undoubtedly requires some changes to practice operations and workflow…but that doesn’t have to be alarming. Catalyst Health Network Medical Director Dr. Michelle Forbes joins us to discuss some of the ways that the right technologies can ease the transition and improve care quality… Read More

Episode 11: Misconceptions About Patient Care in a Prospective Payment Environment

Physicians have expressed apprehension at the idea of moving to prospective payment and a fair amount ties to concerns over the resources and bandwidth required for patient care. In this episode, we talk about some of the worries that network physicians have expressed, and how they can be… Read More

Episode 10: What Physicians Want Out of Advanced Primary Care

As one of our medical directors here at Catalyst Health Network, Dr. Michelle Forbes has had dozens of conversations with her network colleagues about advanced primary care. In this episode of Primary First, we learn about some of the feedback that she’s received in these conversations, and what… Read More

Episode 9: How the Catalyst Community Foundation is Working Toward Generational Change

The pandemic exposed many flaws in healthcare access and delivery, particularly in medical deserts where the population has inadequate access to healthcare. In our latest episode of Primary First, we are joined by Dr. Michelle Forbes, Medical Director for Catalyst Health Network and the Catalyst Community Foundation. We… Read More

Episode 8: How employers can drive transformation in the healthcare experience

A better model exists for employer-sponsored healthcare—and bridging the gap to that healthier future may be easier than many believe. We continue our discussion with healthcare transformation expert Ashleigh Gunter on what employers are looking for in alternative models for healthcare benefits … and how the industry can… Read More

Episode 7: Moving beyond the status quo for employee health benefits

Employers face an unenviable situation: The costs for employee healthcare benefits continue to increase … but to-date, employers have not had many other options that blend the right mix of patient access, quality and experience at the right cost. Healthcare transformation expert Ashleigh Gunter joins this episode to… Read More