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Claiming our name, with eyes to the future

It’s always been about helping people. Every bit of work, every team, every organization we’ve formed over the past 15 years—from the start of Village Health Partners to StratiFi Health to Catalyst Health Network to Catalyst Health Rx to the Catalyst Community Foundation—we’ve always worked to do more to help communities thrive.

Along the way, we’ve had the courage to ask tough questions: how could healthcare be better if it focused on keeping people healthy instead of just treating them when they were sick? How could we help primary care providers rediscover joy and purpose in their work? Why can’t the financial incentives of healthcare match the fundamental goal of healthcare, which should be … health for all?

And along the way, we’ve made huge strides toward addressing those very questions and so many others. We built the largest network of independent primary care providers in the Southwest and supported their 1+ million patient lives. We created $100M+ in shared savings for our communities, and we continue to challenge the incumbent financial models to help primary care fulfill its inherent promise.

So when we announced that we have a new name, it’s fair to ask why. Why mess with a good thing that, by all measures, seems to be working? The fact is that even though we’ve had multiple brands over the years, we’ve never seen ourselves as multiple organizations. We’re a collaborative, cohesive ecosystem that drives dramatic improvement in the health experience, outcomes and economics for all. We see that over and over again in the stories of the patients and physicians we serve. Now our new brand reflects all that, as well.

Catalyst Health Network remains and will continue to grow in scope and impact. So too will Catalyst Health Rx and the Catalyst Community Foundation. We’ve just adjusted our parent brand name—our family name, if you will—to tie everything together and, hopefully, make things simpler when people think of who we are and the change we seek to create in the world.



Together, we’re helping communities thrive. Together, we are Catalyst Health Group.


Dr. Christopher Crow
Co-Founder and CEO
Catalyst Health Group
Lance Spivey
Catalyst Health Group
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