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In episode 6 of Primary First, Dr. Bullard and Catalyst VP of Payer Relations, Product and Performance Strategy Christopher Abbott, wrap up their three-part conversation in a discussion about what’s on the horizon in the commercial insurance space, and how physicians can move the needle toward Advanced Primary Care.


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Expanding Physician Capacity through Connected Teams and Technologies

March 10, 2022

Hundreds of primary care physicians (PCPs) comprise our network of independent providers—the largest of its kind in the Southwest. And I bet 100% of them believe that, as a profession, PCPs lack access to the data, technologies and teams needed to maximize their impact on patient health. As a result,…

Insights & Thought Leadership

Episode 14: Crossing the Chasm from Fee-for-Service to Prospective Payment

January 13, 2022

Years of operating in a fee-for-service environment have made it difficult for many physicians to envision working under a prospective payment model. In this episode of Primary First, we continue our conversation with Dr. Stephen Buksh and discuss some of the things that have allowed him and his practice to…