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In this episode of Primary First, Dr. Bullard and Chris Abbott, Catalyst Health Network’s VP of Payer Relations, Product and Performance Strategy discuss Catalyst’s vision for Advanced Primary Care. They dig into the impact of pairing comprehensive care management with prospective payment and how COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of healthcare technologies like telehealth.


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It’s time for primary care to take advantage of advanced technology

June 9, 2022

With the U.S. underinvesting in ambulatory care, patients avoiding preventive visits and PCPs still overburdened, new IT and staffing strategies are needed. But one expert says fee-for-service payments are standing in the way.

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Team-based model of care

June 2, 2022

Jeff Bullard, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Chief Product Strategy Officer for Catalyst Health Group, primary care providers, discusses the importance of integrating  pharmacists into care coordination  teams and how a team-based approach  can help improve medication adherence and overall patient health.