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How to improve medication adherence [PODCAST]

“Automation and technologies can enable adherence, but true change happens when physicians and pharmacists work together in collaborative teams to achieve common goals: Better managed chronic conditions, fewer complications, and improved experience for patients and physicians.”… Read More

Regional Infusion Centers for COVID-19

A few weeks ago, the Texas Division of Emergency Management partnered with the North Central Texas Trauma Regional Advisory Council (NCTTRAC) to establish two Regional Infusion Centers (RICs) in the DFW area. Read More

Resources for COVID-19 Testing In-Office

The high volume and staff shortages have placed a strain on the clinics volunteering to absorb network testing at their locations, leading to the difficult decision to discontinue centralized testing as of 7/31/20 so that they can reassign their staff back to their normal daily clinic operations. In between now and then we will continue to serve patients in a limited capacity. As part of our continued commitment to support you through this transition, we’re highlighting options for clinics working toward bringing testing in-house:Get alternative testing site locations.Get in-office step-by-step guide. Read More