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New Patient Lists & Care Quality Reporting

As part of our 2021 Network Goal to Pursue Opportunity, Catalyst Health Network is implementing a more targeted approach to quality. This approach is focused on identifying patients in need of their annual check-ups, breast cancer screenings, colorectal cancer screenings and HbA1c testing.

The PA Team will use these patient lists to reach out to patients and encourage them to schedule appointments or order outstanding tests. This coordinated effort to close quality gaps across markets and payors will ensure high network performance and improve patient outcomes. Below you’ll find more detail on this 2021 Quality Strategy.

Overview of 2021 Quality Strategy

The best practice for achieving high performance in quality is to address preventative screening measures during each patient interaction. Practices may need to develop internal processes to confirm quality gaps are frequently reviewed. Care Team members additionally support Practices by reviewing gaps in care during each patient encounter.


Practices can access the patient quality gap lists via the Performance Advocate Team or via the physician quality platform directly (coming soon!).


Practices utilize the list by:

  • Flagging Catalyst patients in EMR

  • Calling patients and/or sending portal messages

  • Scheduling office visits

  • Sending referrals to specialists via Leading Reach

  • Obtaining records from specialists

  • Documenting completed procedures/tests in the EMR


Care Team members support practices by:

  • Calling patients (coordinated with Practice)

  • Transferring patients to schedule office visits

  • Following up on referrals for procedures/tests

  • Reviewing specialist records in the EMR for completed gaps

  • Documenting completed procedures/tests to send to the payors to close quality gaps

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