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4.3 million Texans lack healthcare coverage

And millions more are covered under plans with prohibitively high deductibles. The result? Thousands of North Texans delay seeking care, only turning to the emergency room once their conditions become life-threatening.

Affordable & Accessible Care

Bringing advanced primary care to long underserved and overlooked communities.


Replicating Catalyst Health Network’s team-based care model in primary care offices, churches and schools as well as investing in telehealth to physicians and their care teams to reach patients in underserved ZIP codes.


Exploring, creating and advocating for alternate payment models that give patients the financial peace of mind they need to proactively seek care before it’s too late.

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With your investment, we can grow thriving communities everywhere by helping people build trust in healthcare and by transforming what they believe is possible for their own health and the health of others.

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