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For Physicians

Connected support for patient needs

We help your patients on the care plan you’ve set for them and we relieve clinical and operational burden for you along the way. From addressing patient questions (and reducing calls to your office) to formulary management and transitions of care, we work proactively to extend the quality care that patients receive in your office through every pharmacy interaction.

Better care through collaboration

Our dedicated pharmacists provide trusted guidance throughout the health journey to ensure that patients are doing well on their medications. We’ll communicate regularly with you if there are any potential gaps in care or if patients’ needs change.

Financial performance

Physicians who work with Catalyst Health Rx increase their financial sustainability through operating expense reduction, clinical performance dollars and additional payer incentives tied to improved quality measures.

For Patients

A dedicated pharmacist

Catalyst Health Rx pharmacists listen and work to know you and check in with you regularly to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need. Your pharmacist can help answer questions about your medication, keep an eye on your medications should you need a change and work with your doctor to ensure your medications are best suited to your individual situation.

Convenience built around your life

All of your medications can be delivered monthly to your door. Each delivery is individually packaged by the dose to help reduce any potential confusion.  Our app also enables you to connect with your pharmacist through a secure chat or gives you the option to call if you have any questions or issues.

1-on-1 medication coaching

Along with your primary care physician, your pharmacist will check in with you regularly to talk about your medication plan, understand how you’re feeling, how your medication is fitting in with your life and any changes that may affect your ability to take your medication. We’ll use these check-ins to provide better care for you and keep your doctor informed every step of the way.

For Employers

A fully integrated experience

Our pharmacy services bridge the gap that often exists between primary care physicians who prescribe the medications and patients’ ability to access and stay adherent to prescribed therapies. Every aspect of Catalyst Health Rx’s service model is built to ensure care continuity, improve patients’ quality of life, while also reducing costs.

Elevating simplicity and reducing noise

We create a seamless experience for every patient, from medication dispensing and delivery to digital engagement and trusted patient support. It’s how we help our patients—your employees—achieve better health.

Fewer HR headaches

Our proactive, personalized approach to patient support for all things pharmacy-related means fewer employee questions and issues that bubble up to employer HR and benefits teams.

Your full-service pharmacy where care
and convenience are redefined

Located inside Frisco Medical Village

Through our participation in the Health Mart network of independent pharmacies, we are currently administering COVID-19 vaccines.

  • Address
    9990 Dallas Parkway, Suite 115, Frisco, TX 75033
  • Hours
    Monday – Friday from 8:30AM to 5:30PM
  • Phone
    (214) 291-5087 for your Pharmacy Care Team
    Use ext. 3 for Retail pick up
  • Fax
    (972) 608-2933
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Personalized prescriptions

Did you know your prescriptions can be delivered directly to you from your local pharmacy team? Catalyst Health Rx makes getting your medications more convenient.

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See what our Physicians and Patients have to say

Now that I am fully utilizing the Catalyst Health Rx pharmacy team, I can't imagine practicing medicine any other way.

Jamison Albracht, DO
President, Village Health Partners

Catalyst helped one of my patients avoid a life-threatening cardiac event by taking time to identify her symptoms and ensuring that she connected with my staff for immediate treatment.

Referring Physician

In five months, my A1c improved from 14 to less than 6. My Catalyst pharmacist worked with me to manage my condition—and my medications—to help me live a healthier life.

Catalyst Health Rx patient