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Catalyst Health Network, largest network of independent primary care physicians in Texas, forms partnership with agilon health

Catalyst Health Network, largest network of independent primary care physicians in Texas, forms partnership with agilon health Network members will utilize agilon and Catalyst’s combined expertise and innovation to expand value-based care to more seniors across Texas and accelerate care transformation. PLANO, Texas AND AUSTIN, Texas, May 1,… Read More

Why Healthcare Spending’s Tipping Point Is In Sight

It’s hard to see reports of the astronomical costs of American healthcare and not become immediately desensitized to the enormity of it all. In 2021, fueled somewhat by the pandemic, American healthcare costs topped $4.3 trillion (membership required). By 2028, that number could surpass $6 trillion. Read More

Can Conscious Capitalism Work for DFW Healthcare?

Like many other industries, the healthcare business in North Texas has been robust over the years, with unprecedented growth and a diversified economy helping to lift all boats in the region. Corporate relocations, relatively inexpensive housing, and a business-friendly climate have led to a booming economy that has weathered recent… Read More

Beyond the First Wave of Digital Pharmacy Innovation

The good and the bad news about the digital future of pharmacy: Despite hundreds of millions of dollars invested in digital pharmacies in recent years, we’ve just started to scratch the surface for the impact that pharmacies and pharmacists can make on the health of our communities. The first wave of digital… Read More

Returning the joy of medicine to our primary care physicians

Nearly 50 years have passed since the first published mention of physician burnout. Clinical psychologist Herbert Freudenberger described the “excessive demands on energy, strength or resources” and wrote of how it resulted in “fatigue, frustration, cynicism.” And though initiatives, programs, and solutions to address burnout have grown, the concerns first… Read More

Escaping the Stockholm Syndrome in Primary Care

If you’ve ever watched one of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s TV shows, you may have a sense of how much work and coordination goes into delivering food to patrons—at the appropriate temperature, cooked to the proper specifications, and presented on time. When something goes wrong in the kitchen, it can lead… Read More

Escaping Stockholm Syndrome in Primary Healthcare w/ Dr. Christopher Crow

Slice of Healthcare Podcast – Tony Willoughby, CEO Stellus Rx

Room for Innovation in Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a huge buzz word in the world of healthcare at the moment. With the pandemic, we had to scramble to find a digital way to do many things in order to stay safe. So in a lot of ways, healthcare has been skyrocketed into the future, but there… Read More

Why We Need To Invest In The Right Type Of Healthcare Innovation

Last year saw $41 billion invested in digital health companies. That’s billions and billions of dollars put toward innovating and improving a healthcare system that virtually all stakeholders believe is in desperate need of reimagination, reconstruction and revolution. Read More