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Why We Need To Invest In The Right Type Of Healthcare Innovation

Last year saw $41 billion invested in digital health companies. That’s billions and billions of dollars put toward innovating and improving a healthcare system that virtually all stakeholders believe is in desperate need of reimagination, reconstruction and revolution. Read More

Christopher Crow On 5 Things We Must Do To Improve the US Healthcare System

Pharmacists acting as an extension of physicians’ care teams is a key component of the tech-enabled, integrated care team I described above. Medication errors, poor adherence, incomplete treatment plans, and lack of communication around prescriptions have significant implications on the health of patients and contribute to rising costs. By integrating… Read More

Balancing Budget and Need for Updates: The Struggles of Keeping Physician Practices Alive

The world of healthcare embracing the digital world has been a very well celebrated move. This move has helped so many people in so many ways. It allowed people to stay at home and be safe during the pandemic. It allows people in rural areas to connect to specialists far… Read More

Addressing needs in rural primary care now: How and why government entities can do more

With new eyes turned toward primary care – within the health care and technology segments, as well as the investment community at-large – the industry has received a dose of desperately overdue attention and support. Read More

Health IT Issues that Deserve a Second Read – September 2022

Health IT Issues that Deserve a Second Read – September 2022

11 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Maintain A Professional Image

For an entrepreneur, the reputation of their business is everything. Each and every interaction with a potential or current customer has a direct impact on whether that customer chooses to engage or disengage with a company, and businesses today also have the challenge of maintaining their standing in an increasingly… Read More

Pharmacy Focus Episode 56: How to Enhance the Patient Experience Through Integrated Care Models

Willoughby hopes on a global standpoint that every chronic condition patient has access to a support team that is there to provide care. Read More

Exploring Health in a Deeper Way

Tapping into the full potential of primary care providers will mean the U.S. healthcare system investing more in new payment models and the workforce in general. Read More

The Next-Gen Practice: How Millennials Are Transforming Medicine

Waco family physician Stefan Huber, DO, has grand plans to open his own private practice in the near future. Read More